From Kenya to Ithaca

By Zodie W

I have been a student at Ithaca High School for the last three years. I moved to Ithaca my sophomore year from Nairobi, Kenya. I faced some challenges in my transition, such as school and culture, although many things came easily. This brings me to an interview with Nzuki Wagner. Nzuki also moved to Ithaca, NY from Kenya. He moved here in his sixth grade year. He is now in eighth grade and will be attending the high school next year. I’ll be interviewing him about his transition.

Tell me about your background, before Ithaca.

How do you compare the education systems?

What have you found in Ithaca that is similar to Nairobi?

(Listen to audio for full interview)

After interviewing Nzuki, I learned about his transition and how it wasn’t very difficult for him either. His regular summer visits to Ithaca helped him get ready for the difference in the culture. He felt that the school systems were very similar, although he found the material in class was new to him. His friends and family made the transition very smooth, which led to two good years at Dewitt, and he is excited to come to the ┬áIthaca High School.