Different Music Tastes

By Bonnie C

Music has a big impact on people’s lives today.  Some music can make people feel happy and other types can make them feel sad.  Some music can make people get up and dance. it all depends on the beat.  There is all different types of music that makes people feel different ways.  Some music, like sad songs or loves songs, can make people start crying.   Other music, like hip-hop and rap, can make people smile, laugh or get up and start dancing.  

Music is a really big part of some cultures.  People’s cultures were made up by music. Music is a really big part of people’s life.  Music  is something that people like to listen to or create on their free time. 

I interviewed Nikkia, a student at Binghamton High School. Her favorite type of music is R&B and Hip-Hop because they make her feel excited and happy at the same time. ”Music makes me feel like I’m in another dimension,” Nikkia said.

I also asked another student, Tatyanna. Hip-hop and R&B are her favorites.  They make her feel soothed and happy. “This is because of the beats, and I can connect with what’s going on sometimes.”

Aydia’s favorite music is rock & alternative, including sub-genres.  ”This music makes me feel happy and calm. It makes me feel this way because it tends to include more feelings and meaning behind the lyrics than what some other people listen to.

This shows how people listen to different music and how it makes them feel.  People are different in their own ways and that is why they listen to different music.  This shows how normal people, just like me, may listen to very different types of music than I do.