Science Is So Cool, It Changes The World

By Ariel E

How has the technology of science changed in schools? Well, the technology of science has changed in many ways, so I’ve asked science teachers and teens to help me answer this question.

I asked four science teachers at Binghamton High School, “Do you think that advanced science equipment has changed the way you do things with your students?” They all agreed. For example, the gel-electrophoresis separates DNA and allows students to experience something new. It allows students to do an experiment they wouldn’t normally be able to do: a student can use a microscope and connect a camera to the Smartboard. 

The second question was, “Does the newer equipment help your students have a better understanding and experience with science?” The science teachers said absolutely because the students can experience something rather than hear about it. It is hands-on and once they experience this, they can understand it better. It helps students to understand topics and concepts more clearly.

The last question that I asked the science teachers was, “How has science equipment changed over the years?” They said that the equipment has become more electrical, such as thermometers, microscopes and gel electrophoresis. The equipment has also become more digital, such as the PH probes, and going from simple tools to high tech equipment like a magnifying glass and the microscope. 

After that I interviewed two teens and I asked them if they like the science equipment in the science rooms. They both said yes because it is interesting and cool how it works, and the equipment helps with experiments. The last question I asked was, “Does looking at a specimen under a microscope help you understand more about living things?” They both agreed and explained the more clearly they see the specimen, the better they will be able to understand it. Also, it shows what specimens are made up of and how are they structured.

The technology of science has changed in schools in many different ways, like in 1988 laptops were starting to be used as a teaching tool for kids. Also, when the teachers were students, they did different experiments than what we students do now. These are some of the ways that the technology of science has changed in schools.