We are proud to share the youth voices on our radio waves, but today we learned about a new documentary that shares the youth voice using film.  

An authentic look at the challenges faced by modern teenagers— Excited to see it!

Following the day-to-day stories of students, parents, teachers and staff at the Washington Metropolitan High School (DC MET), “180 Days: Inside An American High School” is an intimate portrait of a public school that attempts to make a difference in the lives of students each and every day.

Whether they are preparing for college or becoming teen moms, the students at DC Met face many challenges with spirit and resilience and welcome us to challenge many of our own assumptions as we travel with the first graduating class to commencement. Led by a charismatic and outspoken young principal, DC Met invites us in for an unprecedented first-hand account of life inside of the school reform movement. Coming in March 2013.

Learn more about this awesome doc at http://blackpublicmedia.org/180days/

180 Days will air on PBS March 25 & 26 as part of a two-night special education programming.